Reduce your carbon footprint with AMP diapers. Fighting climate change with a diaper change! More and more parents are actively trying to “green up” their lifestyle for the future of their children and grandchildren. Using AMP diapers is an easy, fun and stylish way to drastically reduce the amount of garbage produced and thrown away. Who wants to waste thousands of dollars on garbage anyways?

Stay dry all in one diapers as easy as throwaways without all the garbage Two adorable new prints released - Combat & Very Cherry

For every baby that uses AMP diapers, it will save 3-4 trees from needing to be cut down and made into pulp. Using AMP diapers will also help to keep dangerous chemicals out of our water system, byproducts of the manufacturing process used to make disposable diapers include Dioxins and Tributyl-tin (TBT). Choosing to cloth diaper your baby will save 1 tone of garbage from needing to be transported into a landfill.

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AMP diapers has been offering a full range of modern cloth diapers and accessories to environmentally conscious families since 2003. AMP diapers were designed by Annie, a mother of five who insisted that diaper should be functional AND comfortable at all stages . Every AMP diaper is made in Canada in the AMP diapers factory in Winnipeg, MB. The diapers are all hand made by a group of wonderful people who earn fair wages with vacation and benefits. Always using the highest quality fabrics ensures our diapers are durable and functional.