Name That Print – AMP Duo Diaper

This month we’re releasing an adorable new print and we need your help!  We need a name for our print and thought it would be fun to let our fans choose the name and WIN one of these diapers as a reward for your creativity and help!  🙂

Put your thinking caps on and comment on this blog post OR on our facebook page ( ) with the name you think is best for this print.  We will choose the name we like best and reward the first person that came up with the name with the AMP Duo Diaper in this print.

Have fun with this!  Tweet about it and let your friends know!  Be sure to TAG us in your tweet.  #ampdiapers

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67 Responses to Name That Print – AMP Duo Diaper

  1. Loni says:

    chocolate gumball

  2. Alisha says:

    Raspberry Mint Truffle

  3. Brittney H says:

    raspberry truffle

  4. Tina Surette says:

    I think you should call it gorgeous dots.

  5. debbie m says:

    mod dots

  6. Anna Sherwood says:

    polka dot pop

  7. debbie m says:

    polka buns

  8. Felicia R says:

    Mochadots (like polkadots!)

  9. debbie m says:

    polka drops

  10. debbie m says:

    sweet spot

  11. debbie m says:

    dot to dot

  12. Jen says:

    Black Raspberry!

  13. debbie m says:

    razzle dazzle

  14. Heidi F says:


  15. Jessika says:

    Sweet Picotie

  16. Katie O'Rourke says:

    connect the dots

  17. Maria C says:

    Smartie Splash

  18. Krista Myers says:

    Apple Chili

  19. Rebecca M. says:

    Pop Dots or Spots and Dots

  20. Janelle Prentice says:

    Chocolate confetti

  21. Alice in diaperland, sorbet dreams, strawberry fields, connect the dots, polka dot party

  22. Sherry Wakelin says:

    Gum Drops

  23. Kyla Jaspers says:

    Gum drops:)

  24. Brittany Rickett Nadeau says:


  25. Katie S says:

    Raspberry Mint ‘n Chip

  26. Christa Rust says:

    Poopy dots or doody dots ; )

  27. crystal boudreau says:

    Wild Watermelon

  28. Mary Michaud says:

    (rasp)berry mint, (rasp)berry mint dots, mod dot, forest berry

  29. Marie-Eve Gauthier says:

    Bubblegum dots

  30. Abbie Neary says:

    Garden Gumdrops, Holey Moley, Cocoberry Mint,

  31. Julie G says:

    Pink Polka, Watermelon Dot, Poppin Polka-Dot

  32. Christina Sigouin says:

    Beautiful print!! how about ‘Fancy Pants’ or ‘Bubblicious’

  33. Jasmine Forsberg says:

    Styling Spots

  34. Chelsea Klassen says:

    Bubblishiss blast!

  35. Lily M says:

    Bubble Tea

  36. tubbytelly says:

    Smarties (hopefully you don’t get a call from Nestle Canada 🙂

  37. Shannon Thornton says:

    Laughy Taffy

  38. Tina Surette says:

    I already tried to leave a post but it said that I was in moderation… that was about 6 hours ago. Gorgeous dots is what I would name this diaper!

  39. Berry & Pistachio Dot or Dotty Berries

  40. Amy M says:

    Party lights or Confetti

  41. Amanda says:

    Polka dot door

  42. Katrina says:

    Preppy Polk A Dot
    Dot Lot
    Sinister Dot
    Dots A Lot

  43. Rebecca O'Keefe says:

    Polka dot bum

  44. Megan Lunt says:

    Princess polka dot!

  45. libby hunt says:


  46. heather harber says:

    Midnight madness 🙂

  47. Caroline says:

    Boule de gomme was the first name that came to mind

  48. Michelle D says:

    Sugar plum!

  49. Danielle B says:


  50. Bonnye Sensenig says:

    Chocolate Covered Cherry

  51. Allison Raymont says:

    Spring fun!

  52. Katrina L says:


  53. Allison raymont says:

    Spring fling

  54. nadia says:

    chocolat polka !! 🙂

  55. nadia says:

    chocolate polka !!! 🙂

  56. Lee-Ann Gkourasas says:

    That’s adorable, I love the colours in this girly polka dot print. I would name it “Party In Her Pants”!

  57. Crystal Barber says:

    Choco dots

  58. Tara E says:

    sundae sprinkles or choco dot

  59. Renee G. says:

    Pop Tart

  60. Armando Kihn says:

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