Name that Print Contest

AMP Diapers Name that PrintWe need your help!  We’re looking for a lovely name for our newest AMP Diaper print shown above.  As a reward, we are giving away one of our diapers to the winning “namer”.

Our staff will choose the winning name from the suggestions submitted right here on this blog post.  Please limit yourself to 5 name suggestions.  We will be choosing the winner this Thursday, March 14th.  Just submit your name suggestions below on this post – it’s that simple!

Please share with your friends! 🙂


Winning Name Selected


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219 Responses to Name that Print Contest

  1. Krista Habermehl says:

    I love this print! I would call it either “Adorned” or “Gilded Bottom”. 🙂

  2. Katie Stewart says:

    Fancy Pants!

  3. Katie Stewart says:

    More name suggestions:


  4. Tamara says:

    Paris (with the french accent is sounds pretty)

  5. Sasha O. says:

    This looks fancy so Im thinking of a name like Imperial Flair or Aristocrat.

  6. Kristina A says:

    1. Nana’s House (Makes me think of my Grandma’s house when I see it!)
    2. Rorschach (like the rorschach test pictures! the print patterns look like different things every time I look at them:)

  7. Tamara says:

    Paris ( said with the french accent sounds pretty)

  8. Tamara Phillips says:

    Paris ( said with french accent sounds pretty)

  9. kimberly pugliese says:

    “fancy butts”

  10. Chanie Mobley says:

    Darling Damask

  11. Rebecca okeefe says:

    Name for diaper print: damask don’t tell

  12. Marie-Eve Asselin says:

    Definitely Versailles. It is so very Marie-Antoinette! <3

  13. Katie Stewart says:

    Savoir Faire

  14. Carli says:

    Perfect Paisley….. love it!!

  15. Maggie P. says:

    Nostalgia 🙂

  16. Stephanie J says:

    Darling Damask

  17. Katie Stewart says:


  18. Serena Godmaire says:

    Fancy Filigree!! They are so cute!

  19. Monika Crouse says:


  20. Leigh Mackenzie says:

    Brocade bottom

  21. tashlyn says:

    Simply Chic

  22. Carli says:

    Whoops ignore the last post from me.
    Print name: Darling Damask

  23. Jennifer Rubin says:

    This is gorgeous! How about Sterling, Chantilly, or Duchesse Lace!

  24. Angel says:

    mademoiselle 🙂

  25. Melissa Gilbertsen says:

    I’d name it Fancy Nancy.

  26. Kasey says:

    Beautiful Black Rose!

  27. Beth R says:


  28. Erica says:


  29. tami says:

    fleur de pee!

  30. Elizabeth Wisniewski says:

    Cookies and cream damask. Leaves the option to do the same print in multiple colors hint hint 😉

  31. Beth R says:


  32. Kalyn McNeil says:

    1 – Chateau Noir
    2 – Days Gone By
    3 – Vintage Colonial
    4 – Demasked Damsel
    5 – French Twist

  33. Alexandra B says:

    1. Damask
    2. Paisley
    3. Madison
    4. French Velvet
    5. Parisian night

  34. Nicole Bear says:


  35. Andrea says:

    Fancy Fanny or Ambrosial

  36. Beth R says:

    Black and White Beauty

  37. Beth R says:


  38. Emma Lafleur says:

    1- BellaBella
    2- Paris
    3- Masquerade
    4- Ever After
    5- Chic cheeks

  39. Andrea R says:


    Belle of the Bum


    High Tea (makes me think of parlour wallpaper)

    Black Tie

  40. Mary D says:


  41. Catherine says:

    It’s lovely! I don’t have that much talent in English, but I like the name “Fancy Pants”, that was suggested earlier! Cute and adequate!

  42. Beth R says:

    Audrey Hepburn

  43. Cara says:

    I would call the new print “Antoinette”

  44. Terri says:

    Wallpaper (lol)

    Artsy Fartsy


    Grand Piano

  45. Krista Trussler says:

    high class

  46. crystal smith says:

    D’ Masked

  47. Sandy Martin says:


  48. Julie Benard says:


  49. Alexa K says:

    Fluff Chic. 🙂

  50. tasha says:

    masquerade, night circus or damask dream!

  51. Alicia Nastiuk says:

    Love it! Some sort of French name comes to mind like Colette or Caressa

  52. Laura Parr says:

    French for butterfly. 🙂

  53. shannon says:

    Very pretty. I would call it Lacey.

  54. Jessica Vaughan says:

    I would say:
    Let them eat cake (a throw-back to Marie Antoinette fashion)

  55. Janelle Ficek says:

    My 5 would be:

    Bask in Damask
    The Napery Nappy
    Diaper Me Chic
    Phantom of the Opera
    A Grandma’s Love

    Super, super cute diaper. Love it!!

  56. Tannis W says:

    Obsidian Lace
    Onyx & pearls
    Ebony & Ivory

  57. Deb moretti says:


  58. Deb moretti says:

    Anne Marie’s Antoinette

  59. Amanda Cleveland says:

    I would say it should be called ‘ classical demask ‘

    Love this print! 🙂

  60. Deb moretti says:

    Noir damask

  61. Heather s says:

    Gracious is my suggestion!

  62. Copper Siegel says:


  63. Ashley S says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  64. Kristen Riedstra says:

    Dressy Drawers

  65. Catherine BW says:

    Serious suggestion – Versailles

  66. Jenna says:

    Very Victorian

  67. Catherine BW says:

    1/2 serious 1/2 joking suggestion – Drapery Drawers

  68. Jenna says:

    Haute Couture cutie

  69. Allison says:

    Gramma’s curtain

  70. Megan Lakeman says:

    Lush bum

  71. Sarah Hayes says:

    Darling was the first thing that came to mind. Also, classy, or debutante

  72. Deb moretti says:


  73. Amanda says:

    Classy Caprice

  74. Deb moretti says:


  75. Mieke says:

    Zampa pants

  76. Vicki says:

    Well Covered

  77. Jenni says:

    Daring Damask
    Damask Dream
    Twill Dream

  78. Ashley S says:

    I now realize someone else had already suggested “Imperial”, so I would like to add “Dauphine” to my list and remove “Imperial”.

  79. Lindsay Hoffman says:

    I would call it Victoria (a spin on Victorian)

  80. Amy Menzies says:


  81. Amy Menzies says:

    Victorian Charm

  82. Amy Menzies says:

    Royally Yours

  83. Amy Menzies says:

    Elegant Booty

  84. Amy Menzies says:

    Bootyful (B-eautiful)

  85. Melissa Gilbertsen says:

    Too Posh

  86. Kathryn spivey says:

    Classical Cutie

  87. JanM says:

    Downton Baby.

  88. Tricia Orsulak says:

    Posh Pants

  89. erin says:

    Divine Miss D!

  90. Catie W says:

    Chic Cheeks

    Perfectly Paisley

    Damask Doody

  91. Catie W says:

    Classical Cutie

    Classy Cutie

  92. Jen sage says:

    Damask Duchess

  93. Royal Damask
    Royal Posh
    Dainty Damask
    Pure Posh

  94. Krista Edwards says:


  95. Melissa Hornby says:

    new for the print – regal affair

  96. Becca S says:

    name ideas:

    1. Mystique

    2. Damask Rose

    3. Mille-Fleur

    4. Mademoiselle

    5. Coquette

  97. Maya says:

    “Sweet Royalty”

  98. Keltie Elder says:

    Boutique boutty

  99. Keltie Elder says:

    What happens in damask stays in damask

  100. Leanna says:

    Sweet n’ silky or Darling Royalty

  101. Stephanie Simon says:

    Dreamy Damask!

  102. angela larue says:

    I’d call it lovely!

  103. Janelle says:

    Beyond Basic

  104. Janelle says:

    Modern Simplicity

  105. Janelle says:


  106. Janelle says:


  107. Ryanne says:

    Royal regalia

  108. Janelle says:


  109. Magnolia says:


  110. Amy Kimball says:

    1. “Barely Baroque”
    2. “Elizabethan”
    3. “Antique Wallpaper”

  111. Michelle D says:

    Darling Damask

  112. Michelle D says:

    Daring Damask

  113. Michelle D says:

    Plush Tush

  114. Michelle D says:

    Ebony & Ivory

  115. Michelle D says:

    Dazzling Damask

  116. Tannis W says:

    #5 for me 🙂
    Damasquerade ( damask and masquerade combined)

  117. Stefanie says:

    ‘Dazzling me dark’

  118. Laurie McCormick says:

    Regal Rear

  119. aldy says:


  120. aldy says:

    “fancy pants”

  121. aldy says:

    “La Alhambra” – history of the Alhambra shares parallels to the history of the damask pattern

  122. sandi m-c says:

    baroque bottoms ~ for the fancy pants baby

  123. Jennet Gambino says:

    “flores elegantes”
    “midnight paris”
    “moda victoriana”
    “victorian fashion”
    “victorian bambino”


  124. sandi m-c says:

    Baby Baroque

  125. Jenny says:

    Sateen 🙂

  126. Anastacia Clarke says:

    Night flower 🙂

  127. Heloise says:


  128. Helen Windsor says:

    La Nuit dans Paris!

    The Night in Paris 🙂

  129. Copper Siegel says:

    coquette =)

  130. Christie Giasson says:

    Baroque Bum

  131. Melodie says:

    I like “fancy pants” but since it has already been suggested, I submit

    “Fancy Fluff”

  132. Lynda says:

    Royal Paige

  133. Raeann Keam says:

    I posted this yesterday on the facebook picture, but as noted, I am now putting it on here to be counted.


  134. amy says:

    Parisian Fleur
    Parisian Belle

  135. Kimberly says:

    Love it! I would call it vintage romance.

  136. Tcstringer says:

    Retro chic

  137. Jennifer says:

    Dance of the Wallflowers

  138. Katie Fender says:


  139. Amy Spruyt says:


  140. Amy Spruyt says:

    Beauty Bums

  141. Chelsea Hendrickson says:

    Delilah Doodles
    Antique Elegance

  142. Valerie Kim says:


  143. 1.) Louis (As in Louis XVI)
    2.) Marie Antoinette
    3.) Royal
    4.) French Lace
    5.) Versailles
    6.) Bourbon (as in Louis XVI being from the House of Bourbon)

  144. Lynn says:

    ornate onyx

  145. Lexi says:

    Chateau noir

  146. Courtney C. says:

    If it Isn’t Baroque…

    hahaha anyways…

    my name suggestions

    Charming Charlie

  147. Lynn says:

    Parisien Bleu

  148. Kathleen Hagan says:

    Afternoon Tea
    English Breakfast

  149. Maureen says:

    1. fleur d’amour
    2. vogue
    3. mod
    4. avantgarde
    5. floral swirl

  150. Nikisha G R says:

    Queen Victoria

  151. Stephanie says:


  152. melanie m says:

    Rear elegance
    Sheaky cheeky
    Lovely rump

  153. Michelynne says:

    Haute Couture
    Tres chic
    Mon cherie

  154. BreeLien says:

    Dapper in Damask

  155. Jenna says:

    Damsel in Damask!

  156. Christy G says:

    damask of the night

  157. Chelsea Klassen says:

    Lady Demask

  158. Chelsea Klassen says:

    Pretty Lady

  159. Jenine says:


  160. Megan kroeker says:

    Posted this on fb before realizing j should have posted here: Victorian doll (or damask doll)

  161. Brooke Schwaderer says:


  162. Krystle s says:

    Darling damsel!

  163. lace says:

    wrought iron

  164. amy says:


  165. Andrea Stone says:

    Brocade Beau

    Jacquard Jolie

    Beautiful Brocade

    Dashing Damask

    Dearest Damask

    Discover Damask

    Tea with Granny

    Exquisite Enfant

    Cherished Child

    Charming Child

    Tea Tray Soirée

    Vivacious Vintage

  166. Andrea Stone says:

    Dashing Damask

    Tea with Granny

    Exquisite Enfant

    Charming Child

    Tea Tray Soirée

  167. Karen Powers says:


  168. Copper Siegel says:

    Emma – as in the Jane Austen novel =)

  169. Nicole says:

    Love it….. I would name “off the wall” it reminds me of chic wall paper!

  170. Copper Siegel says:

    Princess & the Pee. lol
    Audrey (as in Hepburn)

  171. Beth Anderson says:

    DaLovely Damask



  172. Liz says:


  173. Amanda W says:


  174. Anne Dawson says:

    I think it should be a neutral name bc I would totally put this on a boy, BT you don’t want to feminist it with a girls name.

    Noir et blanc
    Victor Victorian
    Historically, damask comes from Arabian/Turkish silk, so:
    Turkish delight
    Arabian Nights

    Other people’s that I’ve read & loved:
    fancy pants

    • Anne Dawson says:

      I meant to say “feminize”, not feminist. I’d just hate for it to be passed up bc the name implies girlie.

  175. Sarah says:


  176. Tanis says:

    simply “Joie”

  177. Leanne says:

    Pretty in Paisley
    Paisley Puff
    Pretty Pants
    Retro Bum

  178. Sari says:

    Whimsical Elegance!

  179. Catherine Cua says:

    When I saw it, I right of way thought of Versailles… I would call it :
    “Let them eat cake”

  180. Rebecca says:

    Perfect Princess, Delicious Damask, Sweet Satine, Vivi, Rock Chic.

  181. Crystal Bornais says:

    Lady Baby

  182. Samantha McVeigh says:

    My husband suggested “Wall-pooper” 🙂 I don’t think we will win!

  183. Heather Hooper says:


  184. Alison says:

    ‘Posh’ – it describes sophisticated & classic, which is exactly what Black & White and Damask are. (It’s also very British, so a nod in anticipation of the Royal Baby!)

  185. Kyra T. says:

    1 – Baroque
    2 – Artista
    3 – Butterfly Moon
    4 – Elegance
    5 – Victoria

  186. Jacki says:

    1. Fancy Schmancy
    2. Luxe Butt
    3. Damasking
    4. Fancy Fleur
    5. Breathe

  187. Karena says:

    Piddle Posh
    Little Lady
    Number 10 Downing St

  188. Nancy Sasser says:

    Beauty and Da’Mask
    Delightful Damask
    Flourishing Beauty
    Flourishing Damask

  189. Nicole Schultz says:

    It is a damask pattern, named after the city of Damascus which was nicknamed the city of Jasmine. It’s easy to pronounce and easy to remember 😀

  190. Elisha VS says:

    Damask princess
    Lovely lace
    High society
    Beautiful in black
    Dainty damask
    Dreamy in damask

  191. Elisha VS says:

    Damask princess
    Dreamy damask
    Beauty in black

  192. Michelle Schultz says:

    Butterfly Royal

  193. Katie W says:


  194. Melanie Osmond says:


  195. April says:


  196. Kasey says:


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