A child’s grasp on money

We went to McDonalds the other day (I know bad mom). Liam wanted a happy meal and I said no. “We came here to eat, not to buy toys”. (I know mean mom).

A little while later he said he wished I could buy a new car. He’s seven and like most seven year olds he doesn’t get the value of money. So here’s how our conversation went:

Me: We’re building a new house and can’t buy everything you know.

Liam: You can have my money.

Me: That’s so nice of you to offer sweetie, but you don’t have enough money.

Liam: I have ten dollars!

Me: That’s not enough to build a house.  It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a house!

Liam: Looking at me like I hadn’t said anything yet.

Me: How can I put this into perspective for a seven year old? So as I look at him with a matter of fact face and say “$10 is probably only enough to buy one doorknob”.

Liam: COOL!!! Max, I’m going to buy a doorknob for our new house!!!!

I love how kids think!

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