A Greener Christmas with Reusable Bags

I started using re-usable christmas fabric bags a couple years ago. At first I thought it would be less special, wrapping paper is something I loved tearing apart as a child, but my kids got so excited about the idea of making bags for Santa that we jumped in and went to a fabric store on Christmas eve day.

I had 4 little ones with me, a 7 year old, 6 year old a 2 year old and a baby (Yup, I should be committed…). The kids each picked out a couple of Christmas fabrics and we got home around 4.  The bags were done by 5:30 between snacks and feeding and changing and all those other things we moms do in between (insert the words “mom I’m done!” coming from the bathroom upstairs, why do they always go to the farthest bathroom?).

They were super excited to explain to their papa about how impressed Santa was going to be with their Christmas bags and how responsible they are because now we won’t waste all the wrapping paper. Really? My kids believe in Santa yet they seem to understand the concept of not wasting things? I actually ran out of wrapping paper, so I was really happy with how it all worked out.

Christmas morning the kids were so impressed to see theirs bags full of goodies and “B” was super impressed that we had practically no trash to take out. Looking at the neighbors it became clear that we could never go back to christmas paper. Even if you think your not ready to ditch the paper completely, just getting/making a couple bags to replace some of the wrapping paper can make a huge difference.

It’s as easy as folding a long piece of fabric in two and sewing the sides down like a pillowcase. Make them in a few different sizes and you’re all set for a greener and might I add, an Annie approved Christmas!

Just so you know the paper wrapped gifts were from my mom, and yes, we keep it simple.

– Annie

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