Dealing with ummm… Poop!

Babies do a lot of pooping; there is no way around it. It starts off sticky, changes to liquid and then, you start adding solids and everything changes. Do you buy and set up a diaper spray? Go old school and dunk and swish them? Or just dump the solids into the toilet and let the washer take care of the rest?

Newborn and infant poop is easy to deal with, simply toss into your diaper pail or wet bag, and let your washer deal with the rest. Breastfed poop is easy to deal with, no odour and, in our experience, no staining. Formula poop can have quite the odours well as stain your diapers and wipes. Neither need to be rinsed, and stains can easily sun bleached by hanging or sitting in sunlight.

Then you hit the milestone that parents enthusiastically capture in pictures, your baby has had solids for the first time. Cloth diapering changes, you have to add a step to your routine, dealing with solid poop, or maybe, not quite solid poop. If you’ve hooked up a sprayer to your toilet you can spray the poop off into the toilet, it might take a little practise, getting the diaper and poop only, and not getting all surrounding areas including yourself. Having the diaper pail or wet bag handy to the toilet is best to keep the poopy toilet water trail to a minimum.

The first solid poops had me questioning whether or not I could stick with the cloth diapers. Then we switched to formula. It took some time getting used to dumping poop, not quite solid, into the toilet. I moved our diaper pail into the bathroom, no toilet water trail from one room to another, one less thing to worry about. Now, weeks later, its our normal, no problems. The washer takes care of the bulk of it.

Blog contributor:  Ashley – I’m a stay at home mom to two beautiful girls and a wife to a great husband.  I write about the little everyday things in our family, DIY, cloth diapering, recipes, as well as products out there for everyone’s family.
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