Washing Diapers

Store wet and dirty diapers in a dry pail. Older babies’ solid waste can be removed by gently shaking the diaper over a toilet. Some parents prefer to use flushable liners, reusable stay-dry fleece liners or a diaper sprayer for easier clean-up. For pocket diapers, remove the absorbent inserts before tossing the diapers into your pail.


  • Run a cold rinse with no detergent, then wash on hot with 1/6-1/4 of the recommended amount of detergent for your washing machine type.
  • Rinse well to ensure all detergent is removed from diapers. With a front loading washer, you may have to run an extra rinse or a delicate cycle that adds more water, followed by a rinse cycle to spin out more water.
  • Hang to dry or dry on medium heat.

Caring for Hemp, Bamboo & Cotton (natural fibres)

Your natural fibre products should be washed on hot and dried in the dryer three to four times before they are washed with other diapering items that contain fleece (pockets and AIOs). They will become more absorbent after a few more washes.

Hemp, Bamboo and cotton all contain natural oils, which can coat your fleece. After your natural fibre items have been fully primed, you may wash them with all of your diapering products.


Choosing the right detergent is necessary in order to use cloth diapers successfully without leaks, rashes and odours. Some detergents do not rinse well and leave a residue that can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and cause the diapers to leak.

Most people are successful with the following detergents. If your baby has very sensitive skin the first 3 on the list are better choices.

  • Allen’s Naturally
  • Country Save
  • Tide
  • Sunlight
  • Cheer
  • Gain

The following detergents are often reported for causing leaking troubles and rashes and premature breakdown of elastics. We suggest switching to a recommended brand if you are experiencing any of these problems.

  • Claudia’s Choices
  • Nature clean
  • Bio-vert
  • Wonderwash
  • La parisienne bio
  • Kirkland (cosco brand)
  • Nellies all-natural
  • Rockin’ green
  • Bio-Nature
  • Omaiki

What to Avoid

Natural soaps contain oils and should NOT be used because they will leave a residue on fleece, causing it to repel liquids.

The use of any of the ingredients listed below will void the warranty of our products.

  • The use of most baby and natural oil based detergent formulas will leave a waxy build-up that will cause the diapers to repel liquid and no longer work.
  • The use of chlorine bleach will also void all warranties and can lead to the breakdown of the elastics and the waterproof layer of our fabric, making the diaper unusable.
  • Never use fabric softener of any kind on reusable diapers. Liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets both leave a waxy residue, which causes fleece to repel urine and decreases the absorbency of the diapers.
  • Diaper rash creams can also cause repelling. Look for cloth diaper safe diaper creams that do not contain zinc or fish oils.

Download the AMP Diapers Washing Instructions: