We have managed to get better shipping rates for many of our customers and moving forward shipping will no longer be added during the checkout process but after we check our new rates to ensure the best rate possible.

We have a fresh new look, but like with most changes there are a few hiccups and the one we’re having is just a wee bit frustrating for our retailers trying to place orders.

The trick:

When you login to the wholesale section and don’t see anywhere you can actually go to purchase products please click on the wholesale login link and you will see a continue shopping link at bottom that will bring you to right spot. We are working on getting this remedied as soon as possible.

We are currently accepting new wholesale accounts! We do not offer drop shipping.

Authorized retailers may login here


Please make sure that all items are correct before placing your order. We can not change orders combine shipping or add products to orders once they have been submitted.

This application is for the purpose of establishing a retail account with AMP diapers. All information is considered confidential and will be revised at our earliest convenience. You should expect a response within one week from the submission date.

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