Here are some tricks that have helped make washing the diapers easier and less time consuming.

  • Having a front load washer means you have to add much less detergent, especially if your front load washer is a very recent model since they add less and less water. An old soap pump dispenser sure helps to measure just the right amount without having liquid detergent leak all over. I find that 1/2 tsp. of allen’s naturally detergent is more than enough to wash the diapers in my machine. So one push of the pump is all I need to put in. Much easier than trying to pour it out of a tsp.;)
  • If you machine dry your diapers you can throw in a dry towel to help draw the wetness out of the diapers. An extra spin cycle will also cut down on drying time.
  • Are your pocket diapers repelling from detergent build up? Running the diapers through a bunch of washes with strong products is not environmentally friendly and it’s also very time consuming.
  •  You can use your pocket diapers as AI2’s by laying the inserts on top of the fleece until the fleece is no longer repelling. If your diapers smell of ammonia from detergent build up you should strip them before putting them back on your baby to prevent a rash.